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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 11, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the trial begins for the hit and run deaths of two pallimore teens. i'm joel d. smiih,... strright aheed, how tte prosecutiin intends to prove the defendent was behind the heel, and not his girlfriend. p4:53 "in simple terms, it's magic cryytals in the ens." lens." putting sight into a new perspective.why ssme new vision technologg is coming just in tiie for baby boomers. alarm nats bbtton on this one.what else &pit does tat makes this allrm phe world. ttannoying one in 3 3 3 ttday is wednesday,,april 11.
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p the trial begins today for the it and run deaths of two teenage girls in baltimore. as a mother hopes for justice... theedefendant's lawyer intends to prove the police have the story wronn. p joelld. smith is here now &pwith more on which witnesss
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miggt make the difference in this case. good mornnng 3oel d. . that witness is the woman who poliie found behind the wheel of he carrinitially... but they intend to prove she was her children....rueben dunn, and heeis rrally the one who took the livvs of those girls, then drove off. reuben duun is charged with two counts of aato manslaughter, two counts of leaving hh scene of an accident, and driving drunk the night of june 13th, when the car he was in killed two gilrs... life long friends, 16 year old courtney angelee and 17 year old emerald smith. dunn's girlffiend, kendra myyes was behind theewheel when the battered car wws eventually night.... but she's expected to testify that she ssiiched seats with dunn aftee the accident. dunn's attorney says there is no evidence of that, and myles was the river. the families of the victims want the truth... and sooe closure that's been morales) "at my desk where work at, i got like 4 pictures offher sstting on my desk. ann stare at them and cry beccuse i know no matter how much
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uuishment they get.. it's nnver bringing the girls back to us." &p the accident happened at th intersection of martin luther king junior boulevard and of the incident that night. - myles haa pleaded ggilty to two counts of being an accessory after the fact and faces a suupended five-year sentence and probation - with the promise her record could be expunged fter she testifies against ddnn, the father of her two children. the trial starts this morning at 11am. joelld. smith, fox 45 early edition. 3 new nformation on a ssory you saw first on foxx... concerniig the beating of a man... cauuht on tape.the city police commissioner issnow speaking out about it. it.police aae investigating this eating and robbery downtown...the man gets &ppunched, robbed and stripped fred bealefeld is on the case.
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on w-b-a-l radio, tuesday.... ádid notá appear to be ahate crime.bealefeld asked the eople of baltimore to the &pdistinguishhbetweenn rime and racially motivated crime. a man accused of sexually assaulting middle school studentt ááadmitsáá prosecutors have enough 22-year old sean schleigh entered an alforr pleaato a charge of attempted first degree sexual assault.he's boy in the bathroom of holabird middle school almost two years ago.he'll bee sentenced today. baltimore county firefiihters that damaged aachurch.the fire broke ut at theepleasant zioo baptist church in sparrows point... shortly aftee 8 o'clocc last night... on north point boulevard near & to evauate the building because of concerns theeroof might collapse.the cause of the fire is stiil under investigationn but there were no iijuuies. 3&the special prosecutor in the trayvon martin case says
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she'll elease new information martin is the florida teen shot by neighborhood watch february.he says it was self- - defense and was never arrested. the prosecuuor's announcement fueeed speculation zimmeeman could get chargee soon. meanwhile... as mary ellln hopkins explainn... ziimerman's legallttam hhs stepped down... and martin's family is speaking out. george ziimermmn's legal advisers announced they're wiitdrawing, after losing contact with him.they last sppke with zimmerman on sunddy. we've loss contact with him. up to this point, we've hhd ccntact everyday. he's gooe on his own. i'm not sure what he's doing or who he's talkinn &pto.they say zimmerman did contact the prosecutors' office directly...and suggest he may have left florida, but believe he's still in he trayyon martinns family says that makes zimmmrman a flight do have a lot of anxiety over - the simppe fact that nobody kno
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trryvon martin is, hat he is unaccounted for.martin's mother says he wants the case the chance to have his day in court where he can pleaafor his self defeese, if that's what he wants to use. 22:06:18 but we just want hii before a judge and jjry. tuesday nnght, tte state attorney invvstigating the case said she would announce quute :"new information" on the case within the cominn days.i'mmmary ellen hopkinss reeorting. zimmerman's former attorneyss say they will take him back as a client, if he sks.the special prosecutor has not wheeher to ile charges against zimmerman.she said tuesday she'll hold a ews conference within 72 hourr -- whiic means by ffiday night.if ziimerman, a separate justice department investigation ould lead to a prosecution. a parole hearing is schedulld today... for convicted killer,
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charles mansoonand sourccs say... the 77-year-old isn't current law... inmates can be denied the chance to reapply for parole for up to 15 years... so manson could be 92 a new study finns one more reason for people to quit smokkng.those who smoke menthol cigarettes re more a troke... comppree to those who smoke non-menttols. ressarchers also found the riik of stroke was more than á3 timesá higher for wommn and nnn-african americansswho &psmoke mennhoos.experts say it's unclear at this ppint why menthols pose a greaterrrisk of stroke.the study is published in the archives of internal medicine. 3 republicaa ppesidential candidate rick santoruu announced he's suspending his jessicc yellin explains... with santorum out... preeident obama's
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campaign is taking irect aim at mitt romney. romney. just after santorum president played cute:some people who are runniig for a ceetain office right noowwho shall ot be named...but it's no secret the president has pben preparing tt face mitt romney in tth fall. just lass week he mocked romnny for pupporting the republlcan budget, and for his upper cruut style -- he said that new budget, anddhe even called - it "marvelous" ---which is a word you don't often hear when ii comes to describing a budget. it's a word you don't hear in general. the democratic romney for months.mitt romnee has spent this entire primmry buying the election. relentlessly calling him a
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pro-choice and supported roe versus wade, and noww he says he's pro life.and attacking his claim that he created jobs at bain rrcently as yesterday the obama campaign used he ush for the prroosed milliooaires tax to prod rrmney on his tax returns. romnny supports tax olicies that rewarddpeopleelike him obscure just how much he would benefit by hiding his own financiallrrcords. see all of our stories about the raceefor tte wite house baltimore dot com.just cliik on the "vote 2012" icon in the stories on our website arr free. 3&sooe drivers in texas got to fill up their cars... foo just 1-dollar a gallon.and it's all thanks to a echnical glitch at a gas station.the news quickly spread on facebook... causing people to come from ffr away to take dvantage of the bbrgain.theelucky break store employers discovered the pistake... thh puups werr shht
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a nnw alarm clock priigs new meaning to the pprase "no rest for the weary." weery."((ring!)) ((ring!)) it's called the rrmos nixie alarmmclock. once ii goes off... you have to gee out f bed ... find a circuit box in another room ... and punch ii a code before the ringing finally stops.. there's nn snooze button ... unplugging it... a ábatterrá y will take over. twenty-five year old paull sammut says he came uu with the idea after his own troubles of getting out of bedd 3 (("so i wanted to make something that woull essentially forceeme to get out of bed when i wanted to about ways of doing it and i thought aboutthow in igh school i had the perfect sooution to this, which was mm it was time for me to wake up sse woold force me oot of bed.")
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alarm clock wiil cost youua &pcool three-hundred fiity dollars. &p3he worked with small childre. children. i remember the community wassdevastatee." devastated."the connection having child porn... and maryland.and why he's oowon the f-b-i's most wanted list. list. ((breaa 1))
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((bump in)) ((2-shot toss o weathhr)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 p, ((traffic reporter d libs)) map fiber map 95 at 695
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3 3 &p 3 gas priies couud be going even . hhgher.the problee east coast refineries are having... that could dip into yoor pockets.'s a shame hat we had to wait this long for him
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po be on the top 10." 10.""nd find out the maryland ties etween a d-c teachee... accused f having child pornography... and why the f-b-- is now hunttng for him. ((bump outt) ((break 2)) &
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a new name has been added to the f-b--'s most wanted list and he has a maryland jen donelan
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reports he was someone who wwrked closely with chillren innthe d-c etro area. --reporter pkg-as ffllows ---0 year old eric tothhused to be a teacher at the prestigious allegedly possessiig and produciig child poonogrrphy here in the dc metro area he is ow on the fbi's infamous top en most wanted list joininggthe ranks of such recent list makers as sama ffes nd we believe he ii one of those, hh's a clear and present danger tt your children."ii 2008 the fbi says toth was caughttin a 3rd grade camera. agents believe he was producing the pornography in may say there were multiple child &pvictims in "uutiple vennes." pi am glad he is on tte top 10 most wanted it's a shame hat we had to wait this long for him to be on the top 0."de gorttr lives near one of tott'' last known addresses in dc on rodmaa street in northwest."it ame ut afttr py children left beauvoir and i remembee the commuuity was
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devastated."after the warrrnt was signed for hhs arrest in dc in 08 the bi says toth qqickly traveled to hammond then days later he popped up in madison wisconsin....using an alias to buyya cell phone and gps . days ater his car was found at the airport in it police found a suicide noteebut no was sighted atta homeless th says he needs to turr himmelf in."failing to do ttat you night looking ovee your ry shoulder." 3yahoo gets an nterrl overhau. overhhul.what the search engine compaay is changing cooputers... ((bbeak 3))e bought this year.
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the pumpandd s carl azuzz reports... yahoo hiis the reboot button and tablet rebokyrockee. nd tablet p3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- stocks tumbled uesday as fears over europp's debt crisis resurfaced.the dow fell p13 pointt o close at 12,715. the nassaq and the s&p 500 also eeded lower.despite igh prices aa the pump, several u-s oil refineries that make and sell gas are losing cash. ool ompanies ay the reffneries areegoong broke because they are old and can't produce the cheaper and heavier oils made popular by supplierssin ooher countries. they say abbut 50 percent of the refining capacity on the east coast are either closed or preepring to ssut down in the cominggmonths.and that may mean even higher fuel prices for east coast drivers later this year f shortages develop. a staff memo nal - scott thompson utlined a plan
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thaa makes the consumer business uuit, the internet portal's main focus the unit manages yahoo's dot-com homepagee its news, finance, weesites. and sales for the wildly popular tablet computer are expected to nearly double thissyeaa...that's ccording &pto a report issued today by the technology research firm gartner incorrorated. the resserch group projeets that about 119 milllon taalets will -----end-----cnn.script----- -3 she goo she tr! triiped!the reasonnbehind this woman aking off herr point...startling travellrs. travelers.aad later... a black bear... loose in a neighborhood.a man's beast.... and whht he was doing just before he saw the animal.
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